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We are one of the leading companies in our sector

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Valoriza Environment

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Our misión

We contribute to the creation of a completely sustainable society by offering environmental services focused on the well-being and development of people and their environment.

Our Vision

We believe in a completely sustainable world, with a responsible society that actively participates in the recovery of its waste to convert it into resources, while enjoying urban environments that put its citizens at the center.

A company in continuous growth.

One of the leading companies in environmental services.

Street cleaning and waste collection

We manage street cleaning and waste collection services, adapting to the needs of each place and providing our innovative character and experience. 

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Green areas

We help cities to value their green spaces, taking care of both the good condition of their species and the aesthetic appearance of their spaces. 

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We make urban spaces more friendly for their citizens by promoting clean and orderly transportation. 

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Urban infrastructure

We are in charge of managing the urban furniture of cities, ensuring its maintenance and correct functioning for citizen use

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Waste treatment and management

We provide each waste treatment and management project with the best engineering solutions, providing the highest technical and technological quality in continuous innovation.

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Valoriza Neo

From the recovery of waste we manufacture high quality products that contribute to the global objective of achieving an increasingly sustainable world.

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Most notable projects

Services and management

Valoriza News

Outstanding news

Valoriza en JOBarcelona

Valoriza, present at the Employment and Professional Guidance Congress 'JOBarcelona'

A great employment forum attended by dozens of companies from all sectors

Pajaritas Azules

Valoriza presents the awards for its first Health and Safety Awards

This first edition exceeded all expectations of participation with more than 50 proposals received

Pajaritas Azules

Valoriza, protagonist at ASPAPEL's Blue Bow Ties gala

Several of the cities awarded for their paper and cardboard recycling management have relied on the company to provide this service

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